Viewer app styles in the Apple Newsstand store

We often refer to our digital edition as ‘the app,’ and that works perfectly well for our purposes. But if you want to get technical, the issues themselves are called ‘folios’ or ‘issues,’ while the ‘app’ part of our product is the Viewer in which users browse, download, purchase, and view our issues.

Most publishers are still getting their feet wet, using the most basic type of Viewer layout. But many are getting creative about designing ways to navigate between issues and integrate calls to action for subscription and new issue sales.

I’ve collected below a number of screenshots from publications in the Newsstand. Take a look at the different strategies used!20120511-131613 20120511-131629 20120511-131636 20120511-131643 20120511-131650 20120511-131656 20120511-131702 20120511-131708 20120511-131714 20120511-131720 20120511-131726 20120511-131731 20120511-131735


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