Tablet use in Canada: From the Ipsos Canadian inter@ctive Reid Report

Results from the Ipsos Canadian inter@ctive Reid Report 2012 Fact Guide show that tablets are quite coveted amongst Canadians! Currently, 7% of Canadians own tablets (up from 3% in 2010) and purchase intent is high. Approximately 11% of Canadians plan to purchase a tablet device in the next six months and 24% plan to do so in the next year.

Leading the pack as the most well-known tablet device is the iPad; brand awareness is highest at 86%, followed by the Blackberry Playbook at 61% and Samung Galaxy at 27%. Women were more likely than men to consider purchasing the iPad, while men were more likely to consider the Playbook.

The 2011 Ipsos Reid Mobil-ology Study of Smartphone, Tablet and eReader Use in Canada showed that while early adoption of tablet devices was largely concentrated on the 35+ demographic, there has been a 106% increase in tablet adoption amongst 18-34 year olds. This is possibly due to the introduction of competitively-priced alternatives; however the iPad still continues to dominate as the most popular brand with approximately 62% of the market.

Although tablet ownership and purchase intent has risen dramatically, people are still using their computers to read digital magazines with 23% of those surveyed stating that they read a print magazine on a website. It will be interesting to see what happens with this number as more and more Canadians purchase tablets in the future and as more Canadian magazines make the leap towards digital editions and tablet editions of their print publications.

Most Popular Tablet In Canada: iPad Beats BlackBerry PlayBook For Top Spot

Ipsos Candian Interactive Reid Report 2012 Fact Guide (pdf link)

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