Men’s Health launches intuitive version for iPhone

Although I’ve seen other magazine entries into the iPhone newsstand, the Adobe blog lauds Men’s Health as the “first Digital Publishing Suite magazine to be developed for the iPhone.” In terms of taking the DPS format and capabilities and applying them to editorial presentation, it’s definitely a level ahead of every other iPhone magazine I’ve seen.

From the Adobe blog: Men’s Health Follows iPhone Debut with Dynamically Designed Issue

To enable a clean user experience, the team implemented innovative, top level navigation which includes colorful iconography that organizes information in a very visual way, as well as title pages with large font that dissolve into the article.  The team also made smart use of overlays – such as videos of workout routines and an audio recording of Garrison Keillor. With the iPhone screen size, the publisher has successfully maintained a proper balance between imagery and text so that the content feels natural to consume.

The new issue of Men’s Health for iPhone (download app here) strives for consistency and combines a number of DPS features to their very best advantage: particularly, fade-out cover pages and vertical snapping sections with scrolling text boxes, as well as icons that pop up relevant sidebar information. They’ve put a lot of thought into it, so pop-up navigation always feels like it adds something, rather than throwing up roadblocks.

It is great to see the bar set high this early in the game. Screenshots below.









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