Poynter findings about tablet use and interaction

Tablet storytelling is visual, tappable, deep. Poynter findings about tablet use and interaction:

“A high expectation comes with the device,” said Quinn. “During our study, we saw readers tap and tap on elements that weren’t tappable,” she said. “The element of discovery is one of the joys of the tablet. And for journalists and storytellers, it takes practice to develop the skills to create consistently strong interactive experience in a story — especially in a daily product.”

As a user, this is an intuitive truth but I’m happy to see some support for it in the Poynter findings. I have run up against a few management opinions along the lines of, ‘well, the other guys aren’t doing anything more than we are, anyway.’ To use this as an excuse to maintain a mediocre baseline ignores the opportunity to move ahead of the competition with a better product. Right now, the competitive field is still relatively shallow, and users are sorting through all the crappy digital page-turners to find high-quality tablet magazines to add to their regular reading list. What a great time to stand out!

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