New site collaborations launched: Aurora mScope and The Relationship Deal

Happy milestones and finished projects! Over at Odeler, I’ve recently completed custom or adapted responsive WordPress themes for two new sites:

The Relationship Deal

Sue Nador is a relationship strategist in the corporate world, and she applies this training and experience to her thoughts on personal relationships. Her site includes a blog about the changing dynamics in modern partnerships, where there are sometimes few cues to take when gender and professional identities fall outside of traditional roles. Lots of thought-provoking angles raised, and always with a frank sense of humour. Make sure you subscribe to her mailing list (in the footer) so you don’t miss an entry.

The site itself is a custom adaptation of the super-stylish Big Bang WP theme, revised to include a tailored home page and a few other features.


Aurora mScope

Aurora Interactive builds and supports medical imaging software to hospitals, educational facilities, and pharmaceutical researchers that allows the swiftest of collaboration, the most practical of archiving, and the crispest of image viewing, turning giant visual files into nimble streatming display on demand. This site was built entirely custom with a home page, content pages, a news blog, case studies, and a number of snappy brochure image templates.


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