Review of Creative Cloud rental model and installation process

Adobe has forced now-and-future customers into a subscription model, perhaps forever, prompting a resounding NAY from Dave Girard at Ars Technica. Head to the last page of the article to see the CC subscription details if you want to skip the first few pages reviewing Photoshop upgrades:

Photoshop CC: modest upgrades shackled to terrible “rental” model

With the newest Creative Cloud release, Adobe has completely done away with the old own-and-upgrade path, forcing users to the rental scheme in which they no longer own their software. Stop paying your monthly fee and you’ll lose access to the programs you were paying for. Adobe’s official reasoning is that it was too costly to maintain both a disk-and-update system and the cloud versions—but excuse me if I fail to shed a tear for the company that reported record profits in 2012 despite a sluggish economy and the steady decline of Flash.

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