John Norris Site Launch

If you have ever (and I guess when I think about it, I kind of hope you haven’t) spent any time searching the internet for a criminal lawyer, you might know the depth and breadth of horrifying law firm sites out there. There’s just something about legal representation that demands one of a few extremes for presentation. There’s the group shot, where everybody’s face is hovering mid-reaction to a photographer reminding them to think of the cast of The Practice. The ivy covered or glass-silvered building. The chrome. The scale. The gavel! The big, explicit promises or the corporate shine.

John Norris has been a regular name in Canadian news for his work representing Omar Khadr, and now Raed Jaser, terror suspect in the alleged VIA Rail plot. He’s an educator and an advocate, and he chooses to give his time to cases that have constitutional implications for us as a country. I worked with Dave Girard on this one, and we were determined not to cheese him out, the way so many others have treated lawyers before us. You can decide if we succeeded at


John Norris, Criminal Lawyer

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