Pressgram and Security Concerns

As I’m totally into the idea of alterna-Instagram and eliminating worries about ownership of content posted, and insofar as auto-blogging of pics is a nice extra, I was very excited to try out the amply-Kickstartered photo sharing app Pressgram that launched yesterday. After a few tries, my top concerns were:

a) how many people will this actually appeal to enough to adopt, and will there be a big enough community to make it worthwhile?

b) the filters are kind of harsh compared to Instagram or Kitcam.

c) my blog is on a subdomain address (, which might be the reason none of my photos actually published to the blog in the tests I did. (I got annoyed with tests before I got to the obvious next step, i.e. checking whether using the subfolder would work, so I cannot report a resolution.)

These are probably all issues that developer John Saddington is alluding to in his Day 1 blog post.

I did not, however, even wonder if I was putting my blog username and password at risk, but George Stephanis says that’s a possibility.

It seems that, unlike the WordPress Mobile Apps, the password that you enter in Pressgram isn’t kept private on your own device. Without noting it on a Privacy Policy or in any way notifying you that Pressgram is doing it, your password is stored in plaintext on their server. Which — to be fair — is necessary, if they’re going to be pushing data from the Pressgram Server to your WordPress site, and not going to require having a specialized plugin (like Jetpack) installed on your WordPress site to do it.

Read the full blog post here: Pressgram Security Concerns

(Update: There have been a lot of updates to this issue, and a lot of great comments since. Worth following.)


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