Merson Auto Site Launch

Super, super pleased to escort the new Merson Automotive site out into the open.

Merson Auto Site Screenshot

This design was a great opportunity (with/avec the 3eige man himself) to depart from the niche, because we wanted to do something different from all the dour and/or black and/or aggressive and/or tire-marked automotive websites out there, feeling like a visit to a family business while still making room for the branding of their tire distribution partner, Yokohama. The Merson family were also super up for fun and brainstorming (and cutting a fine tableau of figures), which always makes a difference in the final product. You can tell when real people have all had their hands in it.

It also included lots of fun bells and whistles – new design, full custom WordPress theming, media-queried responsive setup for cell and tablets, custom photography, multilingual (WPML) implementation, contact forms (ooh! aah!) and adaptive custom page templates.

Check the site out here.


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