Dear music industry: make lemonade.

Iron Maiden

Rather than send in the lawyers, Maiden sent itself in. The band has focused extensively on South American tours in recent years, one of which was filmed for the documentary “Flight 666.” After all, fans can’t download a concert or t-shirts. The result was massive sellouts. The São Paolo show alone grossed £1.58 million (US$2.58 million).

Read the full article: How Iron Maiden found its worst music pirates — then went and played for them

 Update: I am disappointed to find that this article was inaccurate (mostly about the band’s involvement) but I can still get behind the point. Find out where your audience is, and find ways to get there, whether physical or digital or by offering a different kind of experience that can’t be copied. 

p.s. I love them more than almost anything.

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