The Always-On Stalker

The Coast: The Always-On Stalker

An extensive account of the sexual cyber-harrassment of two women, allegedly by one woman’s ex, and the mishandling by a Nova Scotia justice system that vowed to make forceful changes after Rehtaeh Parsons’ suicide.

From, by Hilary Beaumont: The Always-On Stalker

I’m not sure where to start outlining the things in this article that make my spine crawl, so you get point-form, incomplete:

  • “Turn off social media” is the equivalent of telling an assault victim not to leave her house ever again.
  • Celebrity or not, the Fappening has made it clear that a significant portion of the internet believes that if photos exist, it’s not their responsibility to verify consent before distributing.
  • We need to see online criminal harrassment approached with a focus that at least equals its percentage role in our lives. Treating these like perplexing, unsolvable edge cases is ludicrous, especially given it’s a format where so much is documented.
  • It needs to be everyone’s responsibility to call this stuff out wherever we see it, because law enforcement is going to take a long time to catch up, and we need to underscore online ethics as a community.

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