This turnaround really blew my mind.

Breitenstein is not a stupid man. But his understanding of revenge porn’s social fallout was puzzlingly simplistic. In all the hours we’d talked, he never expressed sympathy for women who had their nude photos posted to his site, but he also didn’t express malice or ill will toward them. He just sounded like he hadn’t really thought about it. To him, the revenge porn victims who filled his inbox with takedown requests just seemed like an administrative headache to be dealt with, not a series of people feeling real pain as a result of a crime having been committed against them. He’d never actually been face-to-face with a victim of revenge porn before.

Read the whole article, about revenge porn distributor Scott Breitenstein, by Kevin Roose: At Home with a Revenge Porn Mogul

One thought on “Villain/Defender”

  1. I just read this article, too. I feel like something is missing in that he still hosts other sites that feature revenge porn, but also, how chilling that he may have never thought about the humans – because of the ad revenue.

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