The Always-On Stalker

An extensive account of the sexual cyber-harrassment of two women, allegedly by one woman’s ex, and the mishandling by a Nova Scotia justice system that vowed to make forceful changes after Rehtaeh Parsons’ suicide.

From, by Hilary Beaumont: The Always-On Stalker

I’m not sure where to start outlining the things in this article that make my spine crawl, so you get point-form, incomplete:

  • “Turn off social media” is the equivalent of telling an assault victim not to leave her house ever again.
  • Celebrity or not, the Fappening has made it clear that a significant portion of the internet believes that if photos exist, it’s not their responsibility to verify consent before distributing.
  • We need to see online criminal harrassment approached with a focus that at least equals its percentage role in our lives. Treating these like perplexing, unsolvable edge cases is ludicrous, especially given it’s a format where so much is documented.
  • It needs to be everyone’s responsibility to call this stuff out wherever we see it, because law enforcement is going to take a long time to catch up, and we need to underscore online ethics as a community.

CultMTL: Police turn a blind eye to protestors rushing City Hall

As part of the dynamic shift in the protest climate here in Montreal, after incident after incident of heavy-handed measures (kettling, blanket pepper spray, racial slurs) by police, this has been an infuriating-slash-satisfying development to watch.

“Deux poids, deux mesures.” That expression was bandied about a lot by Parent and reporters on Tuesday. The inference was that there was a double-standard for dealing with Monday’s protesters because they were fighting for the same pension cause as SPVM officers.

If we compare the treatment to student protests, for example, the difference could hardly be clearer. There were no riot squad contingents lying in wait, no kettling, no pepper spray, no mass arrests. No arrests, period. The thugs walked in, ransacked, and walked out.

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