Paper by Colin Fleming over on Adobe site:

Best practices for using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
to publish to the new iPad

One interesting note that I didn’t expect:

“If only a 2048 folio exists on the Distribution Service: The folio will display ONLY on the iPad3. It will not be downloaded to the iPad or iPad2. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you are able to make your content available across all iPad devices you need to choose between one of the first two options above.”

Thanks to Chantal for this great link: 7 Lessons in Magazine iPad App Design: A Master Class with Creative Director Robert Newman

Some ideas he touches on:

-plan it out on the wall, together
-interactive, but give some breathing room as well
-redesigning features is easy, redesigning departments is hard
-digital design planning influencing print templates (RD used as a sample image)
-dual or single orientation?
-digital covers should match print covers

Expanded crop:




Tailor-made pose!




Making use of horizontal with two ads in one:




Totally different collages from vertical to horizontal:




Or, in the case of Bloomingdales, do nothing at all and fill in the background with black:




The Lindbergh Line

The band has been inactive for awhile, so we’ve decided to leave the Bang Bang You’ll Be Missed EP up on Bandcamp for free: Have some funtimes on us.


(Superb photo by Robb Hiltz)

This requires an awful lot of sunsets.