Big Knife Little Knife: Alberta news and album release

It feels like city-moving month is still an ongoing distraction – all my pictures are still on the floor instead of the walls – but I am running out of time to tell people about next week’s shows in Alberta. There is more info about this stuff in a post on the band website, but here’s the quicker version:

Show dates

We’re playing in Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Calgary, sharing the Ship & Anchor stage at the Sled Island Festival with The Flatliners, and particularly excited to play with old-hometown Halifax band Heaven for Real in Edmonton.

Check out the listings! Tell your western friends!

New album: Anchor Rights

BKLK-AnchorRights-CoverIn the last month, we put out a new album called Anchor Rights with the help of exciting and generous folks: Dave Draves, Harris NewmanJeremy Gara, Mark Molnar, and Nicole Aline Legault.

You can purchase digital downloads, as well as prints of Nicole Aline Legault’s glorious cover art on the Big Knife Little Knife Bandcamp page.


We also made some videos! Out of Creative Commons footage. They’re kind of bananas in three totally different ways: A Certain Degree, Brickwork, Christa McAuliffe.

Mine below! Video editing is super fun.



Summer of Drums

In Montréal, summer usually means late loungy nights, extensive parc hangs, and near-daily swims. After the brutality of cold and ice, followed by the annual spring sport of dodging melted-free garbage and dogshit, summer feels clean and grass-fresh and wraps you in cozy humidity like you’ll never feel cold again. And you deserve it. It is the best time to do very, very little.

This year, however, I went against all my summer values, and scheduled the hell out of myself every weekend from mid-June to mid-September. FOR DRUMS, mostly. Because drums are the best. And because I tend to over-rehearse out of nerves. Here’s a breakdown of what has been up, and why I have not been at the pool.

Recording a new Big Knife Little Knife album

We spent a few weekends in Ottawa recording at Little Bullhorn again this year. Recording sounds like it would be fun, but (especially on a budget and strict timeline) it can be repetitive and nerve-wracking and gruelling and boring in equal and alternating measures. It’s only really tolerable when you’re with people you like and have a goal that means something, so clearly we make our own fun. But also, this is my first full-length and I love the songs we made and I am SO EXCITED that it is going to be a real thing in real life.

We made this little recap video of the process.

Playing a Halifax show with Dance Movie (Aug 5)

Tara Thorne of Dance Movie is my long-ago roommate, my forever road trip partner, and also the first person ever to ask me to play on a recording. That was almost six years ago when I was brand new to drumming, and I could barely keep it together, but even though she had other options, she wanted me on it anyway, because she knows that the only way to learn how to do things is to actually do those things. That recording was generously edited after the fact. ;)

In the same vein, we booked a tour together shortly after because WHY NOT, which I discovered last week immortalized on my parents’ basement wall.

If you’re in Halifax, I’ll be filling in on drums for Dance Movie tonight at the Seahorse with Aqua Alta: FB event here

Releasing a Big Knife Little Knife live video

We recorded this video in March, and you can read full details here. Everybody’s jealous that my elbow got top billing, but they’re trying to be cool about it.

Upcoming shows

We’ll be rushing back and forth from weddings and cottages to play a few shows as summer winds itself out, and I’m super excited to report that we’ll be playing with Joanna Gruesome in October. Yeah!

August 28, 2015 – Scanner, Quebec City
with Albatros, 1971

September 4, 2015 – l’Escogriffe, Montreal (fb)
with The Famines (Album launch) and Emotional Hardcore

October 27, 2015 – Sala Rossa, Montréal (fb)
with Joanna Gruesome and Aye Nako

“From their frame in that old photograph”*


Our band, Big Knife Little Knife, photo by me in March 2015.

Big Knife Little Knife band photo

Kevin’s old band, Weights and Measures, in a 2000-era photo I only saw when their Arboretum Festival reunion show listing went up.

Weights and Measures band photo

If you can’t see them in Ottawa on August 22, you can still watch them in FOREVER AGO below:

* post title nod to: WEAKERTHANS, I HARDLY KNEW THEM (sob)