We’ve been paying particular attention to what other magazines have been doing with vertical and horizontal orientations. Moving to dual-orientation is a big step that demands a lot of investment because ALL your pages have to reflect your choice — you can’t throw a dual-orientation page in a magazine full of single-orientation articles.

I did, however, notice that Fast Company has decided to make their own rules on the vert/horiz thing — although they’re a vertical-only publication, they’re not afraid to ask their readers to turn the iPad on its side when a layout deserves horizontal.


Article: Master Class with Creative Director Robert Newman

Thanks to Chantal for this great link: 7 Lessons in Magazine iPad App Design: A Master Class with Creative Director Robert Newman

Some ideas he touches on:

-plan it out on the wall, together
-interactive, but give some breathing room as well
-redesigning features is easy, redesigning departments is hard
-digital design planning influencing print templates (RD used as a sample image)
-dual or single orientation?
-digital covers should match print covers